Acro yoga in the summer




zyZnikająca Joga- zapisz się

Znikająca Joga to projekt promujący praktykę jogi. Kierowany jest do osób, które są otwarte na nowe doświadczenia, które jeszcze nie próbowały jogi, są elastyczne inaczej i rozważają podjęcie praktyki jogi, lub, które już wiedzą jak wiele joga wnosi w nasze życie i chcą podzielić się tym z innymi. Joga pomaga wyciszyć myśli i stworzyć przestrzeń oraz otworzyć serce i umysł.

Gdy umysł jest otwarty, możemy zrealizować wszystko co zamierzamy.

W końcu odkrywamy, że życie toczy się jedynie w teraźniejszości i wystarczy je zaakceptować w całej jego różnorodności i nieprzewidywalności. W ten sposób całe nasze życie, każda jego chwila, każdy wdech i wydech są medytacją.

Spotkanie trwa 2 godziny.  W programie 75 min jogi. Ćwiczenia oddechowe- pranayama, ćwiczenia fizyczne- asany oraz relaksacja.

Zajęcia prowadzi Katarzyna Richter ( Miss Ginger Yoga )

Po zakończeniu praktyki nasz gość specjalny- Joanna Staniszewska zaprosi do wymiany refleksji dotyczących ewolucji świadomości.

Startujemy o 19:00.

Znikająca joga odbywa się tylko jeden raz w miesiącu w unikalnych miejscach przestrzeni miejskiej  Tricity. Sa to wyjątkowe miejsca, które na codzień nie są dostępne dla joginów tylko dla ludzi sztuki, nauki i biznesu.

Wstęp bezpłatny – karma yoga ( donacje przyjmowane). Zapisy konieczne.

Miejsca są ograniczone. Status: są miejsca wolne

Do zobaczenia na macie!

Koh Chang – paradise for yoga lovers

Koh Chang- Elephant Island

One of the largest  Thai islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

Recommended place to stay: Centara Tropicana Resort


Serene 5 start resort with beachfront. Watching sunset form a hammock sipping pinacolada wearing bikini and sarong makes it all worthwhile.

Yoga on the beach is a perfect way to start a day. Beautiful beach invites for meditative walks, best timing: before 10:00 am and after 3:00 pm due to strong sun.


The beach is not very wide, yet we managed to find a perfect spot for daily yoga and acro practice.

Massage service is available throughout the day.  Nothing relaxes you better than Thai or aroma massage facing the beach and enjoying the sounds of nature.1 hour Thai massage costs 400 Thai Baht ( $11), howeveryou can easily find massage service for half of this price in a nearby  hotels at the beach.




There is no better way to enjoy sunset than from being in water. You can rent catamaran, kayak or SUP. There is a rental place on the lagoona koh Chang, Amphoe Beach located 5 min walking distance from Centara Resort heading south. To rent a Stand Up Paddle board for 1 hour costs 350 Baht( $10).








True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life.Yoga is not to be performed, yoga is to be lived. Yoga cares about the person you are becoming, not the person you are.

WHAT: Yoga class including pranayama, asanas and relaxation

WHEN: Wednesday  7:00-8:30 PM

WHERE: Starogardzka 48, Straszyn

Phone reservation required. 

Book your next class on 507 758 777 and I will see you on the mat!


Why yoga practice can make you a happier, more successful & more attractive person.


Yoga practice especially adapted in the western world is based on physical exercises. Moving your body trough asanas releases a good dose of endorphines, plus it shaping and strenghtening your body provides you with a sense of achievement, which will definitely make you feel good about yourself.

You are feeling better and energized because Yoga practice increases oxygen flow to your brain and cells plus it enhances body’s own power of detoxification. With the regular practice you are expected to experience the following:

  • A deep mindfulness, which will make your perceptions vivid.
  • A mental calm and wellness that will make you enjoy every waking moment.
  • A leaner body and better digestive ability requiring lesser food mass.
  • A lower pulse rate like athletes and a longer life with reduced aging.


Regular yoga practice requires focus, commitment and drive. Ask any prosperous entrepreneur about the essential skills or qualities that shape a success, you will hear those qualities being mention each time. I have asked several millionaires coming from various parts of the globe and I kept receiving the same answer. Ok, there is something more, luck. Yet I have always been strongly attracted to the attitude : „ Its not the cards you’re dealt, its how you play the game“. Personally I’ve always admired people who displayed strong drive and motivation to achive their goals, despite all odds. Watching them achiving great success is a great inspiration.

Yoga teaches you patience, especially pranayama and meditation help to quiet your mind stay positive and focused.

Solely showing up on your mat on a regular basis displays your commitment, which is essential to achieving success, no matter how you define it.


There is something absolutely fascinating about yoga practitioners. Its more than their well maintained, carefully nourished and beautifully sculpted bodies that is enticing. There is something else. They have that certain je ne sais quoi. I will tell you what it is, the most desired quality of all, more powerful than beauty, brains, affluence, its self confidence.

Yoga builds mind control and inner strength, making you stress resistant and leading to a higher self-esteem. Imagine someone who knows how to handle stress, overcome challenges, controls his or her emotions and has a positive outlook on life topped up with high energy levels. If that is not attractive, I don’t know what is.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

This unique style of bodywork combines deep tissue natural oil massage using
ayurvedic herbal powder with assisted yoga stretches and coordinated breathwork.

The deep tissue full body  massage warms and relaxes the muscles, dissolving physical tension,
while the assisted stretches and breathing realign the body and stimulate the natural
flow of energy. This technique will help dissolve physical and emotional blocks,
eliminate toxins from the body, promote correct posture, improve respiratory patterns
and leave you with a deep sense of well-being and natural harmony.

More information :Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Acro yoga basic transitions


High Flying whale is a basic acro posture, yet extremely satisfying and enjoyable. It has been recently featured by Joga Journal amongst 7 Must Try Acro Yoga Poses.This is a gentle yet deep backbend for the flyer’s upper thoracic spine. It demands a little more balancing skill from the base, especially when doing the transition.